Elementary School Program

Kindergarten – 4th Grade

How do we approach learning?

Personalized learning at Concordia means students being appropriately challenged at their personal level whether that is at, below, or above the traditional level expected for a student at a particular age.
Students may need additional help in one subject while needing to be challenged academically in a different subject.

Concordia assesses the individual needs of a student and works with them to strive.


Core Subjects

Concordia uses Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Washington State Social Studies Standards to guide each child’s personalized learning experience. Resources we use include Math in Focus Singapore Math, Discovery Education, Daily Five Reading format, IXL, and more.

Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are just as important as academic skills for all ages. In addition to our Character classes, Concordia implements social-emotional learning every day through:

  • Implementing Responsive Classroom practices (creating school rules, morning meetings, common teacher/students language, quiet times, etc)
  • Emphasizing 4 main skills of being: aware (self/social), responsible, self-regulated, and relational, throughout daily experiences.

Special Classes

In addition to the core subjects, students participate in classes taught by specialist teachers:

Fine Arts (Art and/or Music) – 2x/week

Physical Education – 2x/week

Bible Study: 4 times/week + Chapel 1x/week

Spanish: 2 times/week

Character: 2 times/month

Class Sizes & Multi-Age Learning

Rather than traditional grade levels, Concordia students learn in multi-age teams (16:1 Student: Teacher maximum, average 12:1).

This ensures that students develop relationships and community with peers at their social-emotional level, are challenged academically whether they are at, below, or above “grade level” expectations, and build self-confidence in a Christ-centered community.

Team Roots

Team Roots, (Kindergarten) – Ages 5-6 Roots students are at a stage of “soaking up” information and experiences that give them grounding for further academic learning, spiritual development, and social relationships.

Team Sprouts

Team Sprouts, (1st-2nd Grade) – Ages 6-8 Sprouts students start to “sprout” and their academic progress and social development are more visible to others.

Team Hawthorn

Team Hawthorn, (3rd-4th Grade) – Ages 8-10 Hawthorn students are capable of being more independent with the strength comparable to the trunk of a hawthorn tree that is small but supports various branches (academic, social, emotional skills).

Additional Student

After School Care

Concordia students grades Kindergarten through 5th grade can join our flexible afterschool program that begins at the end of the school day and ends at 5:30 pm. The 2021-2022 rate is $17 for each afternoon.

Field Trips

Our elementary teams go on 4-6 field trips/year to expand learning. Field trips have include trips to Seattle Children’s Theater, Pike Place Market, Nordic Museum, bowling, bouldering, Burke Museum, Woodland Park Zoo, and more.

Community Building

Within each team, students build community through morning meeting, community builders among other teams, and other activities. As a school, we have school spirit theme dress days and weeks, monthly Team Times (all school community builder games/events), weekly Chapels, and teams will meet with other teams for reading buddies, help with projects, and more.

In the outside community, we connect to the churches we are associated with, work with local organizations in service projects, and serve our neighbors and community often with flower deliveries and other events!

Extracurricular Activities

Throughout the year, Concordia offers afterschool extracurricular activities like sewing, coding, chess, drama, and sports.

Building confidence, community, and academic
master through individual growth.

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